Stories from the sea

2018 | Austria | documentary | 100min | HD | DCP


The Mediterranean has always played a central role in our world. It is crossed, made use of, enjoyed, feared and loved every day, every night. Stories from the Sea portrays women aboard three vessels who

experience the Mediterranean Sea as a place of longing, a place of work, or a scene of human tragedy. The all-encompassing blue waters, unceasing waves and distant horizons are elements that link the protagonists, regardless of their motivation to go out to sea.


Director: Jola Wieczorek

Production: Fahrenheit Films

Cinematographer: Serafin Spitzer

Production Manager: Hanne Lassl

Editor: Rubén Rocha


supported by the Federal Chancellery for Art and Culture of Austria and the Regional Fund of Upper Austria. Developed under the developing program Doc Tank at the Institute of Documentary Films in Prague